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Hi, my name is Jennifer, a Mortgage Broker in Victoria BC. I can help you find perfect mortgage with one of my 60+ lenders and set you up for financial success. If you’re ready to get started or just need advice on what to do next, I’m here to help. Click the button to contact me.
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The best part of my job is getting to interact with amazing people and solve interesting challenges.
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Dr. Erika Chin
Jennifer did an  exceptional job arranging my mortgage. She responded so fast, got me an  amazing rate and explained my options in a way that made sense. I'd 100%  recommend her to anybody.
Kimia Hamidi
I was doing some fact  finding and Jennifer went above and beyond for me. She got back to me  immediately and connected me with all the right people. Even though I was  just in the information stage the amount of work she put in truly impressed  me. I cannot recommend Jennifer highly enough.
Alida Hildebrand
We did our mortgage  with Jennifer remotely, which was surprisingly smooth and easy. Jennifer was  fantastic to work with. She is knowledgeable, gracious with questions and readily available. Her response time to emails and texts is fantastic. I  would highly recommend her as a broker!
Robert Hoffman
I've happily done  business with Jennifer for many years. She's incredibly friendly, ethical,  professional, and thorough. Getting a mortgage can be a daunting task and  Jennifer keeps her clients 'in the loop' explaining the entire process, and  how to avoid any potential pitfalls. She's a real pro that gets the gets the  job done quickly and efficiently!
60+ Lenders

Amazing rates from Canadian lenders

Whatever you need, I have a lender for you. I work with big banks like TD, Scotia and Manulife. Credit unions like Coast Capital, and mortgage-only lenders like MCAP and First National. This is just a handful of my dozens of lender partners.
60+ Lenders!
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I'm Jennifer

Real estate is a financial vehicle to build wealth. And a mortgage is a powerful and often misunderstood tool in your financial journey.

My goal is to help put you in the strongest financial position of your life. That means working together with a common goal.

When you’re my client, I’m going to treat you like family and work like crazy to make sure you walk into your home everyday feeling good about how everything worked out.
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