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Hi, my name is Jennifer, a Mortgage Broker in Victoria BC. I can help you find perfect mortgage with one of my 60+ lenders and set you up for financial success. If you’re ready to get started or just need advice on what to do next, I’m here to help. Click the button to contact me.

Jennifer Harder is a Mortgage Broker in Victoria, BC

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The best part of my job is getting to interact with amazing people and solve interesting challenges.

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Whatever you need, I have a lender for you. I work with big banks like TD, Scotia and Manulife. Credit unions like Coast Capital, and mortgage-only lenders like MCAP and First National. This is just a handful of my dozens of lender partners.

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About me

Hello, I’m Jennifer 👋

Real estate is a financial vehicle to build wealth. And a mortgage is a powerful and often misunderstood tool in your financial journey.

My goal is to help put you in the strongest financial position of your life. That means working together with a common goal.

When you’re my client, I’m going to treat you like family and work like crazy to make sure you walk into your home everyday feeling good about how everything worked out.

Just like how a Realtor helps you navigate the journey of finding a property, a mortgage broker helps you navigate the financial world of finding a mortgage.

There are literally hundreds of lenders in Canada, but most Canadians can name only a handful. You might not realize, but there’s a whole category of lenders that work exclusively through mortgage brokers. You can only access them via a mortgage broker, such as myself.

My entire job is to connect with mortgage lenders, build relationships, then match their best offer with your situation.

Getting the best rate is a huge part of my job! As a broker I connect with big banks, credit unions, trust companies, mortgage-only lenders, private funds and more. Not only that, but I can help you avoid other surprise costs that you wouldn’t normally realize exist, but will certainly have an impact on how much your mortgage costs you.

Nope! While I’m a Mortgage Broker in Victoria, my team is very active all across Canada, with BC, Alberta and Ontario being our largest markets. If you’re located outside of BC, we can still work together.

Quite the opposite! In most cases my clients get better rates and lending terms than if they work through a bank or credit union directly. The lenders pay me a commission based on the mortgage amount (typically about 0.5% to 1% of the total mortgage amount), but that does not negatively impact your rate.

In some instances the lender doesn’t pay a commission, in which case I’ll need to charge a fee. That’s rather uncommon and you’ll know well ahead of time if that’s the case.

Bottom line: you get access to more options, better rates and my unbiased advice. I earn a commission after the mortgage is arranged, so I’m paid only if I perform for you.

All mortgage brokers in BC are regulated by the BCFSA (BC Financial Services Authority), formerly known as FICOM. To find my valid license, do a Google search for “BCFSA Jennifer Harder”, select the first result. You’ll see a page with my name (Jennifer Harder-Toews) licensed under Verico Paragon MortgagePal.

Our regulation is stricter than a bank mortgage representative. As a mortgage broker I’m regulated by the province. I needed to pass an exam, and I need to take ongoing courses to maintain my standing. In contrast, a bank rep doesn’t have to get licensed by a government regulator, and they don’t have to pass any sort of exams or prove that they’ve taken any mortgage education.

Bank reps are just like you and me, they’re good people trying to do a good job. But the unfortunate fact is, they’re under a lot of pressure to sell.

Go to Google and type in “CBC marketplace bank sales targets” to see what I mean.

I’ve chosen to be a broker specifically so I don’t work for a bank. I work with banks, credit unions and mortgage-only lenders. But I’m self-employed, and I grow my business from referrals from people like you.

My motto is this: if you’re happy, I’m happy, so I don’t use high pressure sales tactics. I might lose a couple dollars in the short term with that approach, but in the long run it’s a better way to do business.