About Jennifer

One thing my clients notice about me is there’s no sharp line between my work and personal life. I’m there when you need me because I love being a mortgage broker and I enjoy solving mortgage challenges.

How I got into mortgage brokering

Back in 2008, I had a rental property in Langley. The mortgage was with a local credit union, a company I’d been banking with for about 20 years. I assumed (naïvely, I suppose) that they’d take care of me because I was such a loyal client.

The time came where I needed to refinance and take out some equity, and the credit union charged me a penalty of just under $10,000 on a $170,000 mortgage. I later learned that there are lots of lenders that don’t charge such a high penalty, so I wanted to help others avoid the same situation, or at least walk into it with open eyes.

Personal Interests

In 2016 I moved to Victoria and I still absolutely love it. Every day I walk downtown, and it feels like a never-ending vacation. During my free time, I enjoy walking around the city and hiking. Currently, my favourite walk is around Thetis Lake, a classic.


Nope! I’m based in Victoria but I’m personally licensed to arrange mortgages in all of British Columbia. If you’re located outside of BC, we can still work together. My brokerage team is licensed in all provinces except Quebec. Contact me to learn more!

All mortgage brokers in BC are regulated by FICOM, the Financial Institutions Commission. To find my valid license, do a Google search for “FICOM broker search” and type in my name — you’ll find me licensed under Verico Paragon MortgagePal.

Not at all. The lenders pay me a commission based on the mortgage amount, but that does not negatively impact your rate.

The rates I can offer you are equal to or better than what banks will offer at the branch.

Bottom line: you get access to more options, better rates and my unbiased advice. I earn a commission after the mortgage is arranged. Everybody wins!

Bank reps are just like you and me, they’re good people trying to do a good job. But the unfortunate fact is, they’re under a lot of pressure to sell.

Go to Google and type in “CBC marketplace bank sales goals” to see what I mean.

I’ve chosen to be a broker specifically so I don’t work for a bank. I work with banks, but I’m self-employed, and I build my business off referrals from people like you.

My motto is: if you’re happy, I’m happy, so I don’t use high pressure sales tactics. I might lose a couple dollars in the short term, but in the long run it’s a better way to do business.

When you’re my client, I’m going to treat you like family and work like crazy to make sure you walk into your home feeling good about how everything worked out.