About Jennifer

Hi, I'm Jennifer Harder

I've been in the mortgage industry for the better part of a decade.

Origin Story

How I came to be a mortgage broker can all be traced back in 2008. I had a rental property in Langley, and the mortgage was with a local credit union, a company I’d been banking with for about 20 years. I assumed (naïvely, I suppose) that they’d take care of me because I was such a loyal client.

The time came where I needed to refinance and take out some equity, and the credit union charged me a penalty of just under $10,000 on a $170,000 mortgage. It shocked me, especially since I was keeping my mortgage at the same lender. I later learned that there are lots of lenders that don’t charge such a high penalty. I wanted to help others avoid the same situation, or at least walk into it with open eyes.

Next Steps

That’s a bit about me, now I want to learn about you. What are your goals and your interests? And perhaps most importantly, how can I help you reach your goals? Let’s chat about all those things and more. Just reach out and say hi.

Hiking with my son in Victoria, BC
My dog (Cali) as a puppy. She's pretending to not be mischievous.